Induction Power Supplies, new and used, solid state and tube types. Virtually all frequencies and power levels.

Design and manufacturing of induction load coils, tooling, automation and control systems. Turn key-soldering and brazing cells. Custom machines, PLC controls and Induction Press Systems.

Consulting and contract R&D on all phases of induction heating.

Contract induction brazing, atmosphere brazing, vacuum brazing, soldering, heat treating, adhesive curing, catheter tipping, glass to metal and metal to plastic joining as well as other induction applications.

Service and parts for all makes, including overhauling and rebuilding, rebuilt tubes and RF transformer repair.

Rebuilt generators from stock. Generator rentals.

Closed loop temperature control systems utilizing infrared optical pyrometers and digital controllers.

Distributor and repair service for Sonicor ultrasonic cleaners. Aqueous clean, rinse and dry systems, automated material handling systems, vapor degreasers and contract ultrasonic cleaning.

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Turn-key Systems
Vacuum and Atmosphere Brazing
Field and In-house Service
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Ultrasonic Cleaning
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